Halloween Stinks, Sucks, and Is the WORST THING EVER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD Which Seriously Bugs Me A LOT, Which I TOTALLY Hate

My Mom said that if I didn’t write anything new on my blog, she would take me to Ocean Park and get tickets for the night, creep me out, and basically TORTURE me. So I’m writing this stuff. Normally, going to Ocean Park at night wouldn’t scare me so badly, but as I mentioned in another post, after I watched Pay the Ghost, she said she would take me there just to get me kidnapped and FYI, the ghost-lady-person-creepy-thingy-which-is-totally-freaky only kidnaps kids that are 7-8 years old, and I’m 8. How wonderful. Right now, it’s up to her to decide whether she’s gonna ambush me, or not. Anyway, if she’s gonna ambush me I’d be hoping I could go Super Saiyan and escape. I’m 100% positive that won’t happen. I’ll just make myself hope I get kidnapped and die and don’t know I got kidnapped and just die, which is just awesome.

If you don’t believe me copy or use this link below: