Fortune-Telling Zodiac Divination Stuff

This kind of personality has a date. March 21 to April 19. The first sign is Aries, and this sign thing or whatever it’s called is basically described as restless, or energetic, and you get the idea. Their natural athletes and they don’t plan ahead. They just do something the way it’ll go and they don’t plan ahead or get stuff complicated. They do one thing. Stay simple and keep their lives uncomplicated. The events that are happening right now in the present times are like the most essential stuff to Aries. Aries people love to do new stuff, and they’re pretty much A.D.H.D. They always want to know what they want, and they want the info fast all the time, which pretty much also describes them as impatient. They like doing stuff on their own, and don’t like to get bossed around. They’re always up for a challenge, and well you get the idea. So Aries people are like people who have an energetic, impatient, independent, and challenging spirit. They’re also quite immature.

This date is April 20 to May 20. The next is Taurus, and their personality is sorta like suck-up. They work as hard as they can. Their kind can be relied on easily and you might think their all good and stuff. Don’t. They are occasionally lazy and that makes them almost perfect which is like 99.9% on a test, but still, their okay and reliable. Basically, their almost perfect but their laziness prevents it.

Thirdly, we have Gemini, which is the zodiac sign of both my older and younger sister. The date May 21 to June 20 and the personality kind of strikes my 2 sister’s personality 100%. They like collecting info, which is easy to relate to, since my older sister LOVES gossip. She gossips at lunch, school, and possibly EVERYWHERE. They’re quite curious, and like to stick their noses into other people’s business, and they’re witty. They’re easily bored if they don’t have any thing to tinker around with and that’s probably it.

For Cancer, the date is June 21-22 to July 22-23. They’re kinda WAY self-defensive. You even sorta say one thing to a person he cares about, well, he or she’s gonna beat you up pretty badly. Basically, they’re WAY too sensitive.

I’m tired of writing all this so I’m gonna end it here, and I’ll write more tomorrow. I NEED TO REST! I’M NOT A ROBOT!

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