School’s UNFAIR!!!

On Thursday, October 8, 2015 I got in trouble, for punching someone. You know why? A 5th Grade kid plucked some of my snack, threw it on the ground, and laughed. She tried to do that again, so I shoved her, she kicked me, I punched her. Then she laughs again, which equals no harm. Unfortunately, she tattles. She doesn’t mention what she did, and just said I punched her 5 times. How did she know I punched her 5 times? I had no idea. Also, if it actually hurt, she wouldn’t have counted how many times I punched her. Plus, she must have acted that I punched her HARD (I punched her she laughed. Never punched hard. I didn’t do this :

and I don’t know how to do that either. If I could, I’d be living in paradise. Too bad I’m not.)

On Monday, Oct 12, 2015 I’m supposed to see the vice principal to talk about this thing. My dad forwarded an email that my teacher sent to him, and it didn’t mention one thing, not even one bad thing about that BLEEP 5th Grade kid. If I could only combo her like this:


And that would be AWESOME!!! Only if I could…… WHICH I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!! Which is totally

Which makes me


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