Scariest, Worst, Dumbest, Ghost Movie I Watched Yesterday

Yesterday I watched “Pay the Ghost”, VERY DUMB MOVIE, and my mom says it’s for kids. She has gotta be kidding me. I didn’t fall asleep until 3:00 AM, so how in the world is it for kids? Also, I didn’t dare go to the bathroom after that. I always freak out when it comes to ghosts. I’ll give you an example. On a Troy episode, when he did a graveyard trick I didn’t dare go ANYWHERE!!! I didn’t even dare to put my feet dangling from a sofa! Watching that dumb movie was my dad’s idea. I say,”IF I FREAK OUT ON A MAGICIAN SHOW THAT’S FOR FAMILY, HOW DO I WATCH A WAY CREEPY GHOST MOVIE?????!!!!?!?!?!??!!?!”

(Why call it Pay the Ghost? Call it something CREEPIER so parents won’t get kids to watch it and everybody would be FINE!! Dang.)

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