Halloween Stinks, Sucks, and Is the WORST THING EVER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD Which Seriously Bugs Me A LOT, Which I TOTALLY Hate

My Mom said that if I didn’t write anything new on my blog, she would take me to Ocean Park and get tickets for the night, creep me out, and basically TORTURE me. So I’m writing this stuff. Normally, going to Ocean Park at night wouldn’t scare me so badly, but as I mentioned in another post, after I watched Pay the Ghost, she said she would take me there just to get me kidnapped and FYI, the ghost-lady-person-creepy-thingy-which-is-totally-freaky only kidnaps kids that are 7-8 years old, and I’m 8. How wonderful. Right now, it’s up to her to decide whether she’s gonna ambush me, or not. Anyway, if she’s gonna ambush me I’d be hoping I could go Super Saiyan and escape. I’m 100% positive that won’t happen. I’ll just make myself hope I get kidnapped and die and don’t know I got kidnapped and just die, which is just awesome.

If you don’t believe me copy or use this link below:


BEST SERIES OF BOOKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best book series EVER is A Series of Unfortunate Events written by Daniel Handler AKA Lemony Snicket. There’s 13 books, although the series started in 1999 and ended in 2006, so I’m basically being obsolete. But so what? Some people still read Harry Potter and that started in the 90’s and ended in the 90’s. Some people still read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and that’s from the 1700’s hello? But still, A Series of Unfortunate Events is still the best. In my opinion. or it may be a fact.


I also got all 13 books on my Kindle.

3 Things I Would Wish For If I Had The 7 Dragon Balls


The first thing I would wish for is that I had ALL of Marvel and DC’s  BEST comics organized by each character,  so I wouldn’t have to go to waste any money to buy bad ones without knowing it. And I wouldn’t have to look one by one to see which ones are Wolverine’s or X-Factor or any other cool hero.

The next thing would be nukes, weapons, AK-47’s, Snipers, shotguns, cannons, TNT, dynamite, explosives, and a laser gun! I would use this stuff for EMERGENCIES only. But maybe I’ll keep the laser gun with me all the time for “self defense.”

The third thing would be unlimited cash in my wallet. I NEED more cash. I’ll turn some to charity, some for toys, some for a estate, some for a cool car, (Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.) and my own pool.


School’s UNFAIR!!!

On Thursday, October 8, 2015 I got in trouble, for punching someone. You know why? A 5th Grade kid plucked some of my snack, threw it on the ground, and laughed. She tried to do that again, so I shoved her, she kicked me, I punched her. Then she laughs again, which equals no harm. Unfortunately, she tattles. She doesn’t mention what she did, and just said I punched her 5 times. How did she know I punched her 5 times? I had no idea. Also, if it actually hurt, she wouldn’t have counted how many times I punched her. Plus, she must have acted that I punched her HARD (I punched her she laughed. Never punched hard. I didn’t do this :

and I don’t know how to do that either. If I could, I’d be living in paradise. Too bad I’m not.)

On Monday, Oct 12, 2015 I’m supposed to see the vice principal to talk about this thing. My dad forwarded an email that my teacher sent to him, and it didn’t mention one thing, not even one bad thing about that BLEEP 5th Grade kid. If I could only combo her like this:


And that would be AWESOME!!! Only if I could…… WHICH I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!! Which is totally

Which makes me


Scariest, Worst, Dumbest, Ghost Movie I Watched Yesterday

Yesterday I watched “Pay the Ghost”, VERY DUMB MOVIE, and my mom says it’s for kids. She has gotta be kidding me. I didn’t fall asleep until 3:00 AM, so how in the world is it for kids? Also, I didn’t dare go to the bathroom after that. I always freak out when it comes to ghosts. I’ll give you an example. On a Troy episode, when he did a graveyard trick I didn’t dare go ANYWHERE!!! I didn’t even dare to put my feet dangling from a sofa! Watching that dumb movie was my dad’s idea. I say,”IF I FREAK OUT ON A MAGICIAN SHOW THAT’S FOR FAMILY, HOW DO I WATCH A WAY CREEPY GHOST MOVIE?????!!!!?!?!?!??!!?!”

(Why call it Pay the Ghost? Call it something CREEPIER so parents won’t get kids to watch it and everybody would be FINE!! Dang.)

What I Would Do If I Could Turn Into Super Saiyan God

If I could turn into Super Saiyan God, the first thing I would do would be basically mess around and play with it. I would because Deadpool (One of the coolest superheroes!!) says that with great power comes great irresponsibility.

The second thing I would do is fly to any other planets and correct other scientists and make them look dumb, and make me look AWESOME, which I already am. Maybe. I am probably. Okay, back to the topic.



The funnest thing would probably be chaos! Testing out superpowers on useless buildings (like school. Dude, there is something called internet, where you learn stuff, HELLO! You from the 1800’s?) and replace the “useless’ stuff with awesome stuff! Like theme parks, toys, spy stuff, colleges (like special ones, e.g. MIT, which is almost the only cool school on Earth) and a bunch of other stuff for kids. (What? Kids deserve more!) The entire Earth is gonna be much better with this.