Yesterday Was The Best Day EVER!!

Yesterday was so awesome!! I watched Hotel Transylvania BEFORE October 1, where it was supposed to be released to  the entire Hong Kong! The whole story is about Mavis (Dracula’s daughter) marries a human, named Jonathan. They have a kid named Dennis, who Dracula calls Denisovich  as his vampire name. Dennis can’t ever seem to get his fangs out or can turn into a bat. Even with the help of Frankenstein, Wayne the werewolf, Murray the mummy, or Griffin the invisible guy. Mavis invite’s Vlad, Dracula’s dad, who he hates, to help Dennis turn into a vampire. Vlad uses his powers to possess “Kakie” one of Dennis’s favorite things, but Dracula turns it back to normal. Mavis, Jonathan, Dracula, and Vlad all start arguing and Dennis runs away. Everybody starts looking for Dennis, but nobody finds him. Suddenly, Bela one of Vlad’s demons attack Dennis and taunts him and teases him until Dennis was furious. He summoned up all his anger and his fangs popped out! He roared and injured Bela. Bela called up all his friend demons, and started attacking Dennis, but Dennis turned into a bat (although there was still small poofs of red hair on his head) and started beating them up. With the help of Dracula and Mavis, the vampires beat up all the demons. Dennis WAS a vampire! That was why yesterday was the best day EVER!!!!!!!!

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