3 Superpowers I Want To Hack Life

If I had telekinesis, I wouldn’t have to touch anything (except air), since I would be levitating, making doorknobs flip and open with only my mind. I don’t have to carry my backpack at all. It’s just floating next to me. Life would be called piece of cake! 

Another example for “superpowers make life much easier”. Time-Control. Piano time (which I totally hate) would seem like one second, when it’s actually one hour. Playtime would seem like it’s going on forever, while it’s only 30-45 minutes.

One superpower that would make anything possible would be shaping reality. For example, I could shape reality to make myself know all of every programming language, so when my dad asks me to do PHP or program something, all I have to do is type in the functions and stuff and voilà! School would be easy and all I would have to do is shape reality that I’m in 12th Grade. Then, I graduate, and it’s job time. I would just shape reality (as usual) that all my work’s done and I do that every day so every day’s a day off!

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