Yesterday Was The Best Day EVER!!

Yesterday was so awesome!! I watched Hotel Transylvania BEFORE October 1, where it was supposed to be released to  the entire Hong Kong! The whole story is about Mavis (Dracula’s daughter) marries a human, named Jonathan. They have a kid named Dennis, who Dracula calls Denisovich  as his vampire name. Dennis can’t ever seem to get his fangs out or can turn into a bat. Even with the help of Frankenstein, Wayne the werewolf, Murray the mummy, or Griffin the invisible guy. Mavis invite’s Vlad, Dracula’s dad, who he hates, to help Dennis turn into a vampire. Vlad uses his powers to possess “Kakie” one of Dennis’s favorite things, but Dracula turns it back to normal. Mavis, Jonathan, Dracula, and Vlad all start arguing and Dennis runs away. Everybody starts looking for Dennis, but nobody finds him. Suddenly, Bela one of Vlad’s demons attack Dennis and taunts him and teases him until Dennis was furious. He summoned up all his anger and his fangs popped out! He roared and injured Bela. Bela called up all his friend demons, and started attacking Dennis, but Dennis turned into a bat (although there was still small poofs of red hair on his head) and started beating them up. With the help of Dracula and Mavis, the vampires beat up all the demons. Dennis WAS a vampire! That was why yesterday was the best day EVER!!!!!!!!


I’m so behind on  Dragon Ball Super!! There’s currently 12 episodes, and I’m ONLY on episode 4!!! Not even half. Barely half. Goku doesn’t turn into Super Saiyan God. It seems like he never does. Fortunately, in the theme song part, it does show Goku turning into Super Saiyan God. But guess what? Goku is like a weakling compared to Beerus or Bills or whatever. It’s like Beerus gives Goku one tap, and Goku passes out. I’M NEVER GOING TO REACH EPISODE 12!!! IF I DO THAT’D BE WHEN THERE’S EPISODE 60,000,000,000,000,000,000!!!


The Most Annoying Things About Older Sisters

Older sisters are a PAIN!!! Right now, 8:51, September 20, 2015, I’m waiting for my older sister to finish her writing project so I can watch Dragon Ball Super. Why do I have to wait for her? If I’m done, I don’t deserve to wait at all! NOT FAIR!! Speaking of Dragon Ball Super, I’d rather shake Vegeta and Goku out the TV screen and have them fusion and turn into Super Saiyan God so they could make my older sister quick up.


(See? Even Goku and Vegeta Fusion is annoyed! You can tell by that angry look)

Only, that would never happen. I’m not living in  Dream-Land. I’d appreciate it if I was.  What would be Dream-Land logic or physics or whatever, is me turning into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan to make my sister quick up. Or at least just make her quick up. She’s so SLOW, she’s a couch potato, she’s a Lazypants, she’s ANNOYING!!!


If I Had A Time Machine

If I had a time machine, I would travel to May 4, 1655 A.D. , Italy to kill Bartolomeo Christofori , inventor of the piano. Then the poor musicians like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Czerny, and a bunch of other  composers would have nothing to compose on. Also, I wouldn’t have piano lessons right now. And, I would never be stressed out.

Second destination would be China in the 1700’s A.D. to kill that dumb queen. She used the ENTIRE  country’s money to make her house-palace-thingamajig look better and buy drugs. Also she used other lady’s milk to wash herself. Gross. That effected the ENTIRE China later during World War II and China could only use sticks or guns that could only shoot bullets up to 10 meters. Also the bullets fell down, while the people they were fighting (namely Japan) had machine guns, poison, grenades, grenade launchers, and pistols. So with her dead, China would’ve been able to counter Japan’s attacks.

Third destination 2500 A.D. Get some ideas of cool tech and get some hardware so cool tech would’ve been available right now. Also, life would be 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 times easier with epic tech. Then, in the future they would have way, way, way better tech. Also, people would think I made the awesome tech and I’d be famous! YAY!!!!

How I Would Spend $5,000,000,000 On A Estate

I would spend $5,000,000,000 would most likely be a estate with servants. For the estate and the building stuff I would spend $2,500,000,000 which is 50% of the money. For furniture, $1,250,000,000  would be 25% of the money and that’s enough for it. $1,200,000,000 for servants would be probably okay. That’s  4.166666666666667% of the money. The leftover $50,000,000 would be for X-Box One, Macbook, iPhones, iPads, and cool stuff for everybody. Then after a few years, we’ll have new stuff and sell the old stuff that we don’t need and we get more money. My estimate for how much money we would get would be about $4,000,000 and we could get a swimming pool, a driver and a bunch of cool cars. Since I can’t swim, I might have enough money to hire a swim teacher. Yep, that’s what I call an estate.

Piano Stinks A Way Whole Lot (dunno if that’s correct grammar or whatever)

I seriously just detest, hate, dislike piano. Today I just got everything WRONG. I practice for 10 days and I end up with WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!! It seriously stinks. If you agree that piano sucks, then welcome to the Piano Haters Club!!! If you disagree with me, you dunno what music is. I could like music if I could just STOP learning this bunch of classic by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and the other bunch of dumb 1600-1700’s dumb, brainless, freaks. You could get me to LIKE (notice I said like, not love) piano, if you let me play modern day songs. Also, I think piano is so old-fashioned. It’s from the 1600’s dude! Piano just drives me crazy. If I could learn the piano sheet of modern day songs that are loud, crazy, and awesome then good. But that would only work on a keyboard or electric piano. If only I could go back in time to kill Bartolomeo Christophori, then the piano would never exist. And all those composers would compose on nothing. That would be good. But TOO BAD!!! It’ll never happen. Damn, darn, drats, rats, screw you Bartolomeo Christophori.

You Cannot Trust A Teacher With Promises

One thing you should know about school, teachers say we aren’t responsible, behaving, and not following their directions. Well truth be told. They tell us to be honest, right? Fine, I’m gonna tell the truth. TEACHERS ARE THE ONES THAT DON’T KEEP THEIR OWN PROMISES THAT THEY PROMISE US!!!!! For example, in my class, if the entire class is good we get a letter which is rather T,R,E,A, or T. Once we collect them all we get a treat. Were supposed to get free time or something but guess what? We get no homework instead. Homework’s okay, but according to the rules of being a person, you have to keep a promise unless you crossed your fingers behind your back, which this teacher didn’t. We also are supposed to have a chocolate bar or chips or a bit of candy, for being good during our Writer’s Celebration. Fine. The entire 3rd Grade waited for 3 days. We had our wait. You keep on saying you’ll bring it tomorrow. Then what happens tomorrow? Nothing. No sweets. That is proof you totally CANNOT trust a teacher.

3 Superpowers I Want To Hack Life

If I had telekinesis, I wouldn’t have to touch anything (except air), since I would be levitating, making doorknobs flip and open with only my mind. I don’t have to carry my backpack at all. It’s just floating next to me. Life would be called piece of cake! 

Another example for “superpowers make life much easier”. Time-Control. Piano time (which I totally hate) would seem like one second, when it’s actually one hour. Playtime would seem like it’s going on forever, while it’s only 30-45 minutes.

One superpower that would make anything possible would be shaping reality. For example, I could shape reality to make myself know all of every programming language, so when my dad asks me to do PHP or program something, all I have to do is type in the functions and stuff and voilà! School would be easy and all I would have to do is shape reality that I’m in 12th Grade. Then, I graduate, and it’s job time. I would just shape reality (as usual) that all my work’s done and I do that every day so every day’s a day off!